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Luxury Holidays in Dubai, Banana Island Qatar, and the Maldives

Dubai, Banana Island Qatar and the Maldives are considered to be the best places to spend the holidays. All our dreams come true when we spend our holidays in these luxurious places. There are many five star hotels in these places which provide luxurious accommodation experience to the guests. In this article, we will discuss the luxurious hotels and venues in Dubai, banana Island Qatar, and the Maldives.

Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Dubai villas and 7-star hotels in Dubai are the places of attraction for many business people as well as leisure explorers. There are many relaxation voyages in Dubai which make it the most attractive place for people from all over the world.

Beautiful Beaches at Dubai

Dubai is famous for its stunning human-made beaches and the coastline of Emirates. Dubai is making a lot of efforts to make their beaches more attractive for the couples as well as the families. The most beautiful beach in Dubai is Palm Jumeirah which you must visit once in a lifetime. There is an award-winning JA beach in Dubai where you must go

A fantastic Place for Shopping

Everyone knows that Dubai is a fantastic place for shopping, especially the local markets known as souqs. There are many huge malls where you can spend your whole day shopping, eating, and visiting many shopping areas in Dubai. The most famous places in Dubai for shopping is the fountain show, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Aquarium.

Great Hotels

Dubai is the most famous spot for mind-blowing and luxurious hotels to stay, which we can call it the most luxurious hotels in the world. There are plenty of luxurious hotels in Dubai, ranging from the affordable to the high prices per night. Jumeirah Al Naseem is one of the famous hotels in Dubai.

Modern Architecture

Dubai is also the place of attraction because of its modern architecture, and you feel great aesthetics. People call it a dreamland where the architecture speak itself, and it’s perfect skyscrapers which are mostly designed by the modern designers of today’s age.

Luxury Holidays in Banana Island, Qatar

The very elegant and astonishing Island in Qatar is banana Island which is a man-made Island or artificial Island. It’s a Small Island and is of Crescent shape. This beautiful banana Island is located off the coast of the capital city of Doha in the Persian Gulf. There is a 20-minute luxury ferry ride from Doha to the banana Island Resort of 800-metre private beach. It is famous for its another beautiful Lagoon pool and many dining options. If you are interested in spending your holidays in banana Island, then it’s the best fit for you.

Bird's Eye View

When you reach the banana Island, then you can hire a private helicopter which offers an exclusive arrival with the bird’s eye coastal view. You will be amazed by this beautiful Island Resort Doha by Anantara. It just looks like a Paradise.

Other facilities in Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

In this resort, there are 141 rooms, suits, and also other facilities to enjoy with your partner, friends, or family. There are also Over Water villas set a long and 800 m Crescent of Golden Beach in this Banana Island Resort. You will enjoy an alcohol-free atmosphere.

Sports in Banana Island

There are many sports that you can enjoy in this resort-like surfing, diving, playing golf, and many other games. Water sports are also very famous in this Island Resort

Other Things to Enjoy in Anantara

Everyone wants to relax and enjoy their holidays. If you are thinking of spending it on banana Island, then it is the right choice. You can relax and unwind. There are many pop cities in this Island, including a wide range of relaxing treatments. These relaxing treatment and spa show the ancient tribal roots.

Movie Night in Banana Island

If you are a movie lover, then there is a VIP cinema in Banana Island where you can go in the night and enjoy your favourite movie there

Luxury Holidays in the Maldives

The Maldives is very popular, and people from all over the world visit the Maldives. It is famous for honeymoon trips or luxury holidays with families. The hotels in the Maldives are undoubtedly the most astonishing and beautiful in the world. There are many private islands and resorts in the Maldives, including overwater villas and sparkling piscine lagoons. If you consider the islands in the Maldives, then there are more than 1000 Coral Islands which spread over a line of 26 natural atolls

What are the Best Maldives Resorts?

There are many resorts in the Maldives where you can go and enjoy your holidays. These are green and serene (Four Season Resort Landaa Giraavaru), Best value Kandima, Salamander Resort and spa, and many more.

What are the Best Hotels in the Maldives to Spend Luxury Holidays?

There are plenty of luxury hotels in the Maldives where you can spend your holidays and enjoy your days and nights. These hotels are old course Hotel, Golf Resort and spa, Boston Harbor Hotel, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Hotel Emma, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, and Hotel Casa Del Mar.

Private White Sand Island in the Maldives

The private white sand Island is complementary to the Maldives with Crystal Blue waters, so it is an Ultimate luxury in an escape. There are many speed boats where you can enjoy your holidays with your spouse or with your family. There are many islands which are surrounded by Lagoon and whitest sand you have ever seen. The Maldives is much more beautiful than the pictures where colour comes to life.

Why is the Maldives the Most Popular Destination?

It is considered to be the most popular destination because of its stunning beaches and overwater private villas. You can venture beneath the ocean’s surface to move alongside Turtles and whale sharks. You can enjoy champagne and wines on a luxury cruise as the sun sets in. So, it is an uninhabited island where you can spend your unforgettable days and nights.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

I want to share this fantastic luxurious Villa and Ireland, where you can dine beneath the waves. It is considered to be the most iconic restaurant which is 16 feet below the ocean to eat. You can have a 180-degree view of marine life through its glass walls and glass roof. So if you have a chance to go to the Maldives then don’t miss this beautiful luxurious Island and restaurant under the waves. You can enjoy the number of foods in this restaurant.

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