Let your property

Have you ever thought of letting your property?

We’ve partnered with the industry’s best companies to make sure that you have the greatest experience, no matter if it’s your first time or if you’re an experienced lender! Letting your property is simple. You can let your property if you have a spare bedroom and are adventurous enough to have guests from all over the world! You can rent your second home when you’re not using it. You can cover your mortgage (and other bills!) partially or in full by letting your property with us and our partners.

How does it work?

Letting your property is easy. Say, you own a house that you are interested in renting out. To do that, follow the link below to create the listing of your place.

Once you do that, you’ll need to upload a few pictures of your property. No need to splurge on a professional photographer, photos from your smartphone will do just fine. Make sure to include all the important rooms and facilities. Also, don’t forget to take images of both outside and inside the property. Imagine you were the one looking for a place to stay - what would draw you to a listing?

After the photos are uploaded and the information is entered, our partners will verify the details that you have provided. It doesn’t take long - remember, we’re just as excited to see your property on the market as you are!

After all the information is confirmed, you will get access to a property dashboard. Now it’s the time to make sure that your property gets the best treatment. Guests will need to follow the rules that you set up, so make sure to include all the details that are important to you. You also get to pick the dates the property is available to be let. You can update all this information at any time later, so no pressure!

Your property - your rules

As a property owner, you get to pick all the policies of your listing. How much do you want to charge per night? Do you want to offer free cancellation policy, or would you rather charge a fee? The same applies to ‘no show’ guests - the rules are entirely up to you.

You also get to decide on the rules regarding damage deposits. Letting property with our partners is considered low-risk, as you can charge each guest a safety deposit to make sure that travellers respect the property and the regulations that you’ve set up. Worst case scenario, the experienced customer support team of our partners is there to help. They’ll verify the damage done after you report it and will award you the deposit. Safety checks are in place! And as we provide service to both property owners and their guests, our company is dedicated to great customer service to both sides.

Your guests will see the price that you set up. There are no additional charges for them, so they pay exactly what they see. Our partners charge property landlords a percentage-based commission for each successful booking, but you won’t see the charge until the guests actually arrive. This way you’re not left paying commission for bookings that were never used - the system protects you in case of last minute cancellations and no shows.

Who will be staying at your place?

Now, a little bit of information about the guests that will be staying on your property. These are the people from all over the world who are excited about travelling and staying at your place. Most of them are families or couples who are looking for a chance to relax during a trip. A lot of them are accustomed to staying in places other than traditional hotels. We think that booking a private residence for a vacation is way more adventurous, and our customers agree with us!

Here’s another interesting fact - 75% of your prospective guests have over 5 bookings done through this system. These are responsible and reliable people who travel on the regular and book often.

Advantages of letting your property with us

There are important advantages to signing up with us and our partners. As a property owner, you don’t have to worry about marketing expenses. You also don’t have to learn how to promote your listings - our system does that for you! We have a strong search engine presence so that your listings get maximum exposure and the highest chance of getting booked. Our partners and we work hard on matching your property with an ideal client.

You can let your property with us risk-free. There is a 24/7 e-mail and phone support. There are real people on the other side of the phone lines who are willing to do their best so that both you and your guests have a positive experience using our system. We also provide helpful advice and insightful analytics to help you let your property. It is in our best interest to have your property booked as much as you want it to be - so we are here for you! Our partners offer personalized tips and tricks to increase the performance of your property, and we work hard to make sure that you are happy with the way the system works.

To make sure that our customers get the best, we’ve implemented a recommendations system. Say, a young couple stayed at a place that you let, and they are extremely satisfied with their vacation and your property in particular. They might leave a review that will help other guests find you faster. That will help you book more travellers in the future!

No matter what kind of property you own - be it a remote farm, a studio apartment in a city, a stand-alone house in a small town, or anything in between - we are sure that there are people out there who would love to stay in your place for a vacation. Help them have a trip of their dreams by letting your property! To proceed, click the link below and simply follow the instructions.