Best Places to Visit in the Middle East

Middle East

Best Places to Visit in the Middle East

Are you tired of your current 9-5 routine, and will like to visit the Middle East for a vacation? I mean, you deserve the time of your life, and it’s my job to ensure that that is exactly what you get. There's no doubt that Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide but this blog lists some relatively less popular tourist destinations. Below are the best places to visit in the Middle East.

Best Places to Visit in the Middle East


Eshafan is arguably the most fascinating city in Iran. The giant domes of its mosques are mind-blowing. One of the oldest and most historic cities in the region, Eshafan has proved to be home to a large number of scholars and great intellectuals. In modern time, the city is a clean, modern city – a place to be.


Perhaps, you remember the biblical journey of Saul to Damascus, yeah, the same Damascus! Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is a safe city to be in. Why not try out this unique city?


Located in Israel and Palestine, Jerusalem is one of the most important places for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jerusalem is one of the few cities that perfectly combine history with modern aesthetics, and unarguably one of the cities that are worth spending several days in. The history is incredible with so much stuff that you can see like the different kinds of stones in the Old City walls.


It would not be an exaggeration if you described this city as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located in Jordan, the architecture of this amazing city will leave you speechless. Asides admiring the monastery and treasury, you may also want to get off the path and savor the feeling that comes with taking the trails less travelled.

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