Best Places to Visit in Australia


Best Places to Visit in Australia

Any enthusiastic tourist will tell you that it is always a great idea to explore Australia. Ranked number 6 by country size, she has vast attractions that see her enjoy more than 8.1 million tourists per year. If Australia is your next travel destination, don’t forget to include these must visit places on your list.

Best Places to Visit in Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Greenland

The Great Barrier Reef, which is among the 7 wonders of the world, is every diver’s ultimate dream. Here you will find facilities that offer live board diving activities in the most remote sections of the vast reef. You can also book a helicopter ride to watch the beautiful waters

Fraser Island

This island boasts a 75-mile long beach. You can source a truck from nearby towns and drive as you see dunes, shipwrecks, and tidal pools. If you plan to spend some time on the island, there are both prestigious and economy hotels and resorts that you can book.

The Sydney Opera House

This magnificent building is one of the world’s greatest architectural icons. Here, you can dine at a restaurant of your choice, enjoy a performance, or even take a thorough tour of the structure. Make sure to visit the rest of Sydney, which is packed with thrilling activities, harbors, and rich culture.


40% of Tasmania is filled with national parks and vast wilderness. Outside of Hobart and Launceston, you can bike down a mountain trail, walk in the bushes or even play on the beach. If you dislike nature, there are dens with excellent food, alcohol distilleries, and sanctuaries that house endangered Tasmanian devils.
Australia is vast and packed with stunning tourist opportunities. From beautiful waterfalls, epic trips, to national parks filled with native animals, the list is endless. With so much to see and enjoy, you will always go back to Australia a second time.

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