Best Places to Visit in Asia


Best Places to Visit in Asia

Asia is arguably one of the most diverse tourist destinations in the universe. The continent, being the largest in the world, has a healthy and vibrant tourism industry. From delicious food, shopping hubs, ancient temples, and incredible scenery, it has everyone covered. Here are the most popular Asian tourist destinations

Best Places to Visit in Asia

El Nido, Philippines

The nine charismatic islands on the blue azure of the Atlantic Ocean boast of unparalleled natural beauty. A natural escapade for nature lovers, the islands offer hoard of activities, ranging from whale watching, canoeing and kayaking. One can also plan to ride horses amid the rich beauty of the islands. If that is too much for you, just walk around the stunning landscape marked by dense coastal woods or just play golf in the calm precincts of your hotel proximity. Some of the best hotels in the island archipelago are Quinta Das Buganvilias, Azor Hotel, Patio Lodge, Pedras Do Mar Resort and Spa, and the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.


If you fancy unique food, nightlife, culture, and endless shopping opportunities, Singapore is for you. The city’s parks, cultural centers, and green spaces are all interconnected by biking and walking trails that you can enjoy with your friends. Contrary to popular belief that Singapore is an expensive destination, the island city offers something for all kinds of budgets.

Hong Kong, China

How about visiting the third most densely populated region in the world? Hong Kong, with its iconic skyscrapers, narrow streets, and intense lifestyle, sets the pitch for an unforgettable visiting experience. You can visit rich cultural centers, authentic bars, huge malls, and art galleries that will make your exploration worthwhile.

Atauro Island

This small island is the ultimate tropical haven, with scientists hinting that its waters are among the most biodiverse. Here, you can swim with hundreds of colorful fish, including rare sea creatures. There are also trekking opportunities in its conical mountains.
Though many Asian countries have certain similarities, each has its distinctive charm. Each country has its stunning share of attractions to offer. Thanks to the ever-expanding Asian tourism industry and relatively cheaper costs, you can never go wrong with giving this continent a try.

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